Quirky insights to science, art, studying abroad, & other miscellaneous happenings.

Quirky insights to science, art, studying abroad, & other miscellaneous happenings.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Packing for 4 months

I feel like I'm Mary Poppins. 
 I've packed my life with me.

I've learned that packing is an art. It requires care and sacrifice and time.
I needed to improvise a lot. 

Here are the results in a suitcase, backpack, and purse.

My fellow amica, Amma, made this amazing video featuring my packing.

In the suitcase: 
30 Kleenexes, toiletries bag, 3 contacts solutions, duffel bag, {khakis, jeans, scarf}, {3 cardigans}, {2 t-shirts, 2 dresses}, {mix of 7 tops}, {1 top, pajamas, capris}

To also defend myself against non-minimalists, all my tops match with the cardigans -- that's 24 different "outfits" already.

How did this all fit, you ask?
After hours of rearranging, of course.
(Just kidding. But not really.)

The first layer went in like this -- there are only two layers.

Contacts solution went in the nooks and crannies, and the shoes are separated to fit and hide in the crevices of the luggage.

The picture makes it look super full like it's bulging out, but I promise. This is comfortably full. No force required to zip up the suitcase. ;)

 Next up -- the backpack. This will be my carry on.

 This picture would be accurate if you add on the journal, umbrella, contact lens solution, my DSLR camera & lens, a weeks' worth of unmentionables, the rest of my socks, and flip flops.

In the purse bag -- 
journal, cough drops, advil, benadryl, band-aids, and the gift for my host family.

The backpack contains: laptop, more than a week's worth of unmentionables, DSLR camera & lens, 5 pairs of monthly contact lenses, flip flops, the paperwork, electronics (headphones, adaptors, USB cable, chargers), and jewelry.

The front compartment of the backpack has my glasses, contacts and solution, Italian guidebook, pens and paintbrushes, and vitamins.

What's not packed, to be worn with my coat.

That's pretty much it, aside from a few extras (ie. phone, money, passport). 

Arrivederci America,
Benvenuto a Italia!

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